The bad dreams shield!

I always knew Lucio, our logo character, was special, but I never suspected he was magical. Lucio where were you when I had a 2 year old and gave birth to twins? I dreaded bed time those days!

I am so happy when I get emails and photos from parents telling me how, this quirky armless fellow, helped with the family bed time routine.  What surprised me the most is reading how often the child stop sleeping in the parents bed. YUPPIE!

What I tell the little ones when they get a Lucio is:

“What will you name your new friend? Any name will work, no matter what “it” will always be happy with you. We call him Lucio from the Italian word Luce. Luce means light. One of Lucio’s eyes is very big and when you bring him to bed with you he keeps it open. Lucio can see in the dark. When Lucio sees a bad dream coming he smiles. Lucio’s big tooth shines in the dark sending bad dreams away. Bad dreams are scared by happy kids so be joyful. If you smile when you have one they go running away. Lucio is soft, you need to snuggle up and keep cosy at night. If you are frighten hug him tight, smile and think about rainbows or about 3 things you love. Have beautiful happy dreams so in the morning you will be rested and ready to play and have fun”

…well apparently Lucio does exactly what I say!

How was Lucio’s name picked? Lucio was my son Ronan first real drawing and inspired me to create my pretty monsters. When Ronan received the 20 inches stuffed fellow he said half in English half in Italian: “You are Light, sei la mia lucio. I’ll call you Lucio” (you are my light and he mispronounced the word light, luce – read as Lucho in English)


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