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My Pretty Monsters on Channel 6

PORTLAND, Ore. — Tania O’Hare’s young son was having a tough time drawing, so when he came to her with a picture of a monster one day, she decided to reward him.

“I spoke with a friend and said I think we should make a stuffed version of whatever he drew,” O’Hare explained. “So we did, and brought it to him, and he went crazy. He said ‘Oh my God I made this.'”

O’Hare started making stuffed animals out of drawings that her kids made, and kids of her friends. The Italian-born mom’s grandmother had taught her at an early age how to sew, so it seemed easy.

O’Hare lived in Japan for a period of time before moving to Portland — so when the tsunami hit in 2011, she decided she needed to send her stuffed creations to the kids in the hospitals.

They were such a hit that she won the “best gift of the year” award in 2011 in Japan. The more O’Hare made, the more she realized this could be a great business.

“I started to make them for friends, birthday parties,” she said. “I thought, maybe I have something here.”

She contacted some friends and, from there, My Pretty Monsters was created. She also expanded beyond stuffed creations into the purse market — by bringing on purse designer Jane Raymond.

“I add in lots of stitching because with kids and their drawings there’s lots of scribbly stuff,” Raymond said. “We capture kids’ action and energy in their drawings, too.”

It’s easy for parents to submit drawings to the company through the website. And the team of monster creators say that, so far, there has been nothing too abstract for them to handle.

“I feel like Edward Scissorhands, because I get the fabric out on table and I just start cutting and laying the fabric on top,” said designer Melinda Garfield.

My Pretty Monsters has teamed up with many local charities and pre-schools, and has offered parents discounts.

“What we did was offer parents 10 dollars off, and then 10 percent went back into a fund for them to use for tuition assistance,” said marketing director Jen Watson.

My Pretty Monsters has a contest right now on its Facebook page. Submit your child’s drawing, and the entry with the most “likes” wins a free stuffed monster or purse.

Creative minds that make us smile

As often as we can my friend and I speed walk around our neighborhood. We start at 5:30 am, What a great feeling to be out rain or shine when most people still asleep. It’s amazing how many new things we discovered in the early morning calm. Today we spotted this awesome stop sign. Check it out and share it.

Creative minds that make us smile

Unleash your creativity it can just make this world a smilier place!



Big in Japan

In the past year My Pretty Monsters enjoyed success in Japan.

In this image July’12 edition of Nina’s, motherhood magazine.
As soon as we launched in Japan, March 2011, the Nikkei Marketing Journal called My Pretty Monsters (Premon) the coolest gift.
In December 2011 My Pretty Monsters huggable art was awarded “best gift idea for 2011” in a category with 160 other products. In between these two events much have happened…
Kat-Kun popular J-Pop band, that sold more records than Justin Bieber, ordered 5 monsters and showed them on TV and played around for 10 minutes. One of our monsters was even features in a Horror TV show, the list continues. If you are curios check our Japanese website homepage under news


The bad dreams shield!

I always knew Lucio, our logo character, was special, but I never suspected he was magical. Lucio where were you when I had a 2 year old and gave birth to twins? I dreaded bed time those days!

I am so happy when I get emails and photos from parents telling me how, this quirky armless fellow, helped with the family bed time routine.  What surprised me the most is reading how often the child stop sleeping in the parents bed. YUPPIE!

What I tell the little ones when they get a Lucio is:

“What will you name your new friend? Any name will work, no matter what “it” will always be happy with you. We call him Lucio from the Italian word Luce. Luce means light. One of Lucio’s eyes is very big and when you bring him to bed with you he keeps it open. Lucio can see in the dark. When Lucio sees a bad dream coming he smiles. Lucio’s big tooth shines in the dark sending bad dreams away. Bad dreams are scared by happy kids so be joyful. If you smile when you have one they go running away. Lucio is soft, you need to snuggle up and keep cosy at night. If you are frighten hug him tight, smile and think about rainbows or about 3 things you love. Have beautiful happy dreams so in the morning you will be rested and ready to play and have fun”

…well apparently Lucio does exactly what I say!

How was Lucio’s name picked? Lucio was my son Ronan first real drawing and inspired me to create my pretty monsters. When Ronan received the 20 inches stuffed fellow he said half in English half in Italian: “You are Light, sei la mia lucio. I’ll call you Lucio” (you are my light and he mispronounced the word light, luce – read as Lucho in English)


Mother’s Day Gift – A mother’s heart is a patchwork of love. Testimonial


I love the bag! I couldn’t see keeping it hidden for another week, so Mother’s Day came early for my wife. My daughters first gave her their pictures which I framed. Then she got the bag. The pictures are now on her desk in her home office, and as she says, she gets to take “her little monsters” with her to work. The kids were so proud of their gift. Thanks for a great idea! This is the best Mother’s Day gift I have given in the five possible years of giving. Good luck to your future success!




 This was a real fun project! We are so happy you liked it!


Hands off my monster!

Why does this monster disappear? Little sis finally figured it out! She says: “My brother always steels it”
Check out these cute moments. Big brother gets a monster of his own!

Keep the smiles coming!

Sewing and I

It was not love at first sight…

I use to spend the summers at my grandmas’ house. She was under 4 feet 10 inches tall. Angelina was her name. Angelina lived in a little village clinging on a top of a mountain smack in the center of Italy. She was a tough, smart, tiny lady with very old fashion beliefs.
“Girl should do this, girls should not do that!”
Angelina was a widower, a devout catholic and business owner in a male dominates society.
There is a very inappropriate italian expression to describe her…call me and i’ll let you know what it is!

Anyhow she “forced” me to crochet and sew my own dowery, embroidery after embroidery, sheet after sheet, summer after summer, year after year… to tell the truth I was pretty good, but did I like it? NOOOOO
I wished I was a boy, I wished I could spend more of those hot days chasing the chickens and picking up snails.
I wished my parents stood up to her, but she was the law!
She also taught me how to make great tomato sauce and hand made pasta. 2 years ago when she passed away at age 98 + I inherited her awesome recipe for salami. (Any butcher out there!)

I was so embarrassed to tell my friends up north what “I did last summer”.

As many of us do we rebel and fight our roots. Not only I stopped visiting once I had a say on it, I also promised I will never do anything “homy”.
I will study hard, travel the world, become a business women or a circus clown, but nothing to do with “housewifing” (HERE SOME OF MY NOUM/VERBS) I vowed!

Well as life goes 20 years later on my fifth continent, I am a bit of a business women and often a clown….I have a husband, 3 kids, 75 pounds old dog, lot of poop to pick up and I am back sewing and loving it! The good part is that I am not doing alone. I could not keep up with demand so I rounded up some other moms and friends.

The joy I feel seeing the pictures or reading letters from parents is indescribable. Grandma I guess you were right:
“impara l’arte e mettila da parte” (Learn the skill and forget about it until you need it)


Introducing Tania

My Pretty Monsters birth

Ciao everybody! I am Tania founder of My Pretty Monsters.
I never thought I would blog, but some of My Pretty Monsters’ fans believe I should. So here I am.
A little disclaimer before we start:
I am Irish by Marriage, not a native English speaker. I was born in Venice – Italy. My written English isn’t exactly fabulous; grammar and punctuation are not my strengths.
In addition my dear husband seldom corrects me because he finds my accent and how I turn nouns into verbs to be cute…be patient with me please. I am so grateful for the automatic spell check!
If you are allergic to bad writing tune in for Jen’s articles, she is awesome.

How did I get started with this crazy venture?
Two years ago my son Ronan was very frustrated because he couldn’t draw as well as his twin sister or the older sister.
Ronan was 3 1/2 and he was trying very hard to hold the pen with his left hand, all with little success. We had our moments of despair and a good share of markers and crayons throwing on walls.

One day his stubbornness paid off and the cutest potato/stick figure appeared. I was so happy and Ronan was extatic.
I though I should do something special. I wanted to bring his drawing to life. I told my friend Caitie about my plan I remember the exact moment I said: “We should sew kids drawings they are so pretty”. One day later Caitie presented me with the first stuffed pretty monster!

When Ronan saw the creature he went crazy. He ran around shouting: “I made this, I made this!!
He was so proud. He never stopped drawing since. He did even illustrate a bunch of his own books.

Ronan friends loved the creature too so I started making more and more. I made them for family and friends.
The kids reaction was always amazing, the laughter, the hugs…so healthy!
One night thinking about a friend struggling with her child’s illness I realized how kids in hospitals need to engage in monster drawing. These creatures have a great power, they seem to give strength and hope. The kids are empowered because they can create something tangible. Every stitch is full of love and kids can feel it. I connected with charitable organizations around the world and we support children related causes in various ways. See our charity page to learn what we do to help. Contact us if you need our help with your charity.