Frequently Asked Questions for Monsters and Messenger Bags

• How much does My Pretty Monster cost?
Our creations cost $75 per monster or bag. For continental US orders we offer free shipping. For international
destinations shipping and handling is $15. Our price is in US dollars.
• How do I send you the drawing?
You can send the drawing as an attachment to info@myprettymonsters.com or you can upload the drawing as
an image when you order following the Build It steps.
• How big is the monster?
My Pretty Monsters are between 15 and 25 inches tall/long. If you have a specific size, please let us know and
we will work toward your dimensions.
• How big is the messenger bag?
The messenger bag is 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches.
• How long will it take?
Monsters: Once payment is processed it takes 3 to 4 weeks for the monster to be re-designed and built. Each
monster is a one-of-a-kind, keepsake made by hand.
Bags: 2 weeks.
Please check the website for order deadline dates for Christmas delivery.
• Do you offer a “rush” service?
Yes! For additional $40 we will be able to speed up our manufacturing process and ship within 10 days. Add
rush delivery to your shopping cart.
• Can I purchase a Monster as a gift for somebody living outside the US and have the toy shipped

Yes! Please make sure to include the international destination and add the international shipping and handling
to your shopping cart.
• What materials are used for the Monsters?
The inside of the monsters are made of hypoallergenic, washable, 100% polyester fiberfill, the exterior varies
according to the design. We use a wide range of fabrics including fleece, soft velour, micro-plush, natural
canvas, printed canvas, and felt. Features are often embroidered or sewn on.
• Will the monster look exactly like the drawing?
Myprettymonsters.com was born to foster children’s
confidence in their artistic ability. The company was founded
in 2010 by mom- entrepreneur and native Italian Tania
O’Hare. Tania was inspired to create a gift for her 3 year old
son from a playful drawing he had created. The result was
fabulous! Tania’s goal is to make each monster or bag as
unique as the child who drew it.
We like to take some artistic license. It is part of our trade!
For example: if a child draws a caterpillar with 50 legs, each of a different color we will tastefully simplify it.
Our goal is to make it recognizable as the child’s drawing.
When you order please let us know if you have a special request. Or a color you dislike. We are good listeners!
• Can you build a monster from adult drawings or trademarked images?
Yes 1/3 of our customers are adults. However the artwork needs to be original. The client will assume
responsibility for the artwork submitted. We will not build trademarked images.
• I received a My Pretty Monsters gift card, what do I do next?
Lucky you! Somebody loves you!
Step by step instructions are on our website. Click here.
• How do you clean the Monster?
Monsters: Most monsters can be hand washed in cold water. If there is canvas or felt it should be spot
Bags: Wipe the surface with a sponge and mild soap.
• Who will be making my monster?
Our in-house artists will create your Monster based on the information and drawing submitted when ordering.
Your Monster will be a unique one-of-a-kind keepsake creation made completely by hand.
• Where are the Monsters made?
All custom products, Monsters, Bags, and Zippy are handmade in the USA, precisely in Oregon. Lucio and
other signature products are manufactured outside the US. Some in Europe other in Asia. Please read the
details when you add products on your shopping cart.
• How will you send me the Monster?
We use Priority US Mail unless otherwise requested.
• Is my Monster safe?
Our huggable creatures are not toys! They are artistic keepsakes. We make safety a priority, and our
monsters are recommended for children ages 3 and up.
• Charitable organizations.
We are dedicated to helping children. We love to give back and help. Contact us if you have a charitable
request. Our team will evaluate the request and email you instructions on how we could help.
Currently we are collaborating with:
www.tylershineon.org (helping kids with cancer)
Local preschools
www.millenniumpromise.org (supporting charitable organizations in Africa)

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