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Ciao everybody! I am Tania founder of My Pretty Monsters.
I never thought I would blog, but some of My Pretty Monsters’ fans believe I should. So here I am.
A little disclaimer before we start:
I am Irish by Marriage, not a native English speaker. I was born in Venice – Italy. My written English isn’t exactly fabulous; grammar and punctuation are not my strengths.
In addition my dear husband seldom corrects me because he finds my accent and how I turn nouns into verbs to be cute…be patient with me please. I am so grateful for the automatic spell check!
If you are allergic to bad writing tune in for Jen’s articles, she is awesome.

How did I get started with this crazy venture?
Two years ago my son Ronan was very frustrated because he couldn’t draw as well as his twin sister or the older sister.
Ronan was 3 1/2 and he was trying very hard to hold the pen with his left hand, all with little success. We had our moments of despair and a good share of markers and crayons throwing on walls.

One day his stubbornness paid off and the cutest potato/stick figure appeared. I was so happy and Ronan was extatic.
I though I should do something special. I wanted to bring his drawing to life. I told my friend Caitie about my plan I remember the exact moment I said: “We should sew kids drawings they are so pretty”. One day later Caitie presented me with the first stuffed pretty monster!

When Ronan saw the creature he went crazy. He ran around shouting: “I made this, I made this!!
He was so proud. He never stopped drawing since. He did even illustrate a bunch of his own books.

Ronan friends loved the creature too so I started making more and more. I made them for family and friends.
The kids reaction was always amazing, the laughter, the hugs…so healthy!
One night thinking about a friend struggling with her child’s illness I realized how kids in hospitals need to engage in monster drawing. These creatures have a great power, they seem to give strength and hope. The kids are empowered because they can create something tangible. Every stitch is full of love and kids can feel it. I connected with charitable organizations around the world and we support children related causes in various ways. See our charity page to learn what we do to help. Contact us if you need our help with your charity.


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