Sewing and I

It was not love at first sight…

I use to spend the summers at my grandmas’ house. She was under 4 feet 10 inches tall. Angelina was her name. Angelina lived in a little village clinging on a top of a mountain smack in the center of Italy. She was a tough, smart, tiny lady with very old fashion beliefs.
“Girl should do this, girls should not do that!”
Angelina was a widower, a devout catholic and business owner in a male dominates society.
There is a very inappropriate italian expression to describe her…call me and i’ll let you know what it is!

Anyhow she “forced” me to crochet and sew my own dowery, embroidery after embroidery, sheet after sheet, summer after summer, year after year… to tell the truth I was pretty good, but did I like it? NOOOOO
I wished I was a boy, I wished I could spend more of those hot days chasing the chickens and picking up snails.
I wished my parents stood up to her, but she was the law!
She also taught me how to make great tomato sauce and hand made pasta. 2 years ago when she passed away at age 98 + I inherited her awesome recipe for salami. (Any butcher out there!)

I was so embarrassed to tell my friends up north what “I did last summer”.

As many of us do we rebel and fight our roots. Not only I stopped visiting once I had a say on it, I also promised I will never do anything “homy”.
I will study hard, travel the world, become a business women or a circus clown, but nothing to do with “housewifing” (HERE SOME OF MY NOUM/VERBS) I vowed!

Well as life goes 20 years later on my fifth continent, I am a bit of a business women and often a clown….I have a husband, 3 kids, 75 pounds old dog, lot of poop to pick up and I am back sewing and loving it! The good part is that I am not doing alone. I could not keep up with demand so I rounded up some other moms and friends.

The joy I feel seeing the pictures or reading letters from parents is indescribable. Grandma I guess you were right:
“impara l’arte e mettila da parte” (Learn the skill and forget about it until you need it)


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